Unlocking RNAi to empower
a new era of crop protection

  • More effective, adaptive, scalable
  • Healthy, safe, sustainable
  • Novel, precise, multi-modal

Agtech pioneer David Fischhoff joins Trillium to lead scientific advisory board

Company adds another industry icon on the heels of Neal Gutterson’s recent appointment to the Trillium Ag board of directors.

A growing portfolio for precision agriculture

  • Bio-Insecticides
  • Bio-Herbicides
  • Crop Enhancement

Built on the exclusive Agrisome platform to target and activate a pest or plant’s own naturally occurring processes, our flagship products have demonstrated efficacy across weeds and insects, in both in vitro and in vivo models. Notably, they are designed to be equally effective when used as seed traits or in topical application.

We’re solving the challenges of RNAi for agriculture – to better protect harvests, humans, and our planet


Our breakthrough crop protection platform overcomes critical challenges that have blocked other RNAi agtech from achieving sustained success.

Agrisomes are exosome-like biologicals, with a core composed of novel ssRNAi triggers surrounded by a “shell” of proteins and phospholipids. These naturally derived, “programmable” nanoparticles are engineered to improve precision, delivery, and efficacy against insects, plants, fungi, and other destructive organisms.

“I am committed to helping global agriculture become more sustainable and productive. Trillium Ag has established a unique platform that could help fully realize the undelivered promise of RNAi as a crop protection category. I’m excited to work with Trillium to help bring this promise to fruition.”


Director, Trillium Ag
Former Chief Technology Officer, Corteva Agriscience


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