Breakthroughs in biomanufacturing

To accelerate the discovery of new biologicals for crop protection, Trillium developed its own novel biomanufacturing system: nPlanta.

nPlanta is a cell-free, plant-based transcription/translation system tailored for turn-key agricultural bioassays. It enables fast, cost-efficient production of new Agrisome biomolecules in as little as 48 hours. With nPlanta, our partnering ag input companies lower their upstream R&D costs while increasing their opportunities for innovation.

In search of a more rapid, cost-efficient and scalable manufacturing process than traditional cell-based systems, Trillium began in 2023 to develop its own version of a novel CFTXTL-based approach. This solution – nPlanta – provides a number of functional benefits: complete customization and optimization, the addition of accessory factors, glycosylation, mimicry of plant cellular expression, incorporation of unnatural amino acids, and even the expression of cytotoxic proteins that cannot be produced in living cells.

nPlanta Advantages:

  • Plant-derived high-yield bioproduction
  • Optimized for RNA/protein expression
  • Support for the entire Agrisome Platform
  • Accelerates discovery
  • Reduces upstream R&D costs
  • Scalable from low ug to high mg
  • Available for Agrisome licensees