A platform of limitless potential


With the Agrisome platform, Trillium combines three novel biotechnologies within a single platform to solve some of the most critical challenges to RNAi in agriculture:

1 MV-RNA Trigger:

Three short, multivalent RNAi triggers arranged in a unique junction alignment with the potential for multi-gene silencing.

2 Nanoparticle Core:

Multiple MV-RNA are expressed in a single-stranded, self-forming nanostructure that improves specificity and potency.

3 Protein Shell:

The complete Agrisome encapsulates each nanoparticle in a protein ‘coat’ that protects it from degredation, overcomes various biological barriers to delivery, enables insect-specific targeting and activity, and adds other modes of action to its RNAi core.

Importantly, Agrisomes are designed for use as either sustainably biomanufactured topical treatments or expressed in-planta as traits. To learn more about the novel self-formulating characteristics of Trillium Agrisomes, click here.

  • Safe

    Biodegradable and designed with “pharma-worthy” specificity to the intended target

  • Multi-Modal

    Stacked MOAs maximize effectiveness, overcome delivery barriers. reduce resistance

  • Flexible

    The engineered ability to self-assemble enables Agrisomes to be delivered in-planta or as a topical

  • Sustainably Made

    For topical application, Agrisomes are produced via highly-scalable plant cell-based biomanufacturing

  • Limitless possibilities

    The adaptive composition of Agrisomes offers a near endless set of product options to target specific pests, genes, systems, and pathways