A platform of limitless potential

New RNAi + next-gen proteomics
= a breakthrough in agtech

Agrisomes are first-of-their-kind biologicals engineered with RNA/protein nanostructures for protection against the toughest crop pests. New and multiple modes of action improve efficacy while overcoming longstanding blockers for many biologicals – such as stability, uptake, and cellular delivery. Nontoxic and biodegradable, Agrisomes have the potential to address the unmet needs of farmers currently losing billions to insects for which there is no safe and reliable defense.

  • Unlocks RNAi for ag

    Novel ssRNAi trigger overcomes dsRNA shortcomings

  • More effective

    Stacked MOA = more paths to protection

  • More reliable

    Resists degradation, overcomes uptake & delivery barriers

  • More specific

    Multi-gene targeting, with no dsRNA-like off-target activity

  • More adaptive

    Agrisomes can be designed for use against insects, weeds, fungi & more

  • Flexible

    Can be utilized as seed trait and/or topical

  • Safe & sustainable

    Non-toxic, biodegradable, made in a plant cell-based system

  • Scalable, cost efficient

    nPlanta system enables growth to commercial-scale production

  • IP protected

    Exclusive rights to a growing set of global patents

  • IP Enabling

    Agrisomes can incorporate other proprietary active ingredients and IP

  • Accelerated innovation

    Our “programmable” Agrisomes – combining ssRNA triggers along with proteins, peptides, LNPs and capsids in near-endless formulations – work within a broader platform of computational biology, bioproduction, and bioassay systems. This proprietary design-build-test toolset accelerates innovation and expedites the development of robust new biologicals by our partnering ag companies.

Agrisomes technology: an overview

Whether designed to target insects, weeds, or other threats to crop health, each Agrisome biomolecule is composed of three novel, interrelated technologies. Together, they represent a new class of crop protection that unlocks RNAi for agriculture with expanded features and capabilities:

ssRNAi Trigger

Three short, multivalent RNAi triggers arranged in a unique junction alignment with the potential for multi-gene silencing with 19-nt specificity.

RNAi Nanostructure

Multiple MV-RNA self-form a single-stranded nanostructure that improves stability, specificity, deliverability, cellular bioavailability, and potency.

Programmable Protein Shell

A shell of proteins, LNPs, or VLPs protects against degradation and barriers to delivery, improves targeting specificity, and adds modes of action to its RNAi core.

A platform of limitless discovery in agriculture

Through our continued work with commercial partners, it’s clear what they value most from our Agrisome technology lies well beyond any one potential product.

It’s the platform itself – a scalable, adaptive, altogether novel system of innovation for RNAi-enabling biologicals. As the pressure mounts for input companies to deliver novel solutions to persistent problems, our platform provides a better way to fuel their development engines. The opportunity is not only better products, it’s better business performance and a broader path through the future of agriculture.